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Ben Wilcock & The Jelly Rolls

Ben WilcockThe Jelly Rolls 

Upcoming shows:

 Sun April 7th, 5pm - Rotorua Jazz Club Jelly Rolls ft Michael Barker

Sat April 20th, 5pm 'Duelling Pianos featuring Dayle Jellyman and John Rae'

Tauranga Jazz Festival @ Baycourt theatre


Fri June 7th, 4pm Wellington Jazz Festival @  Caroline  Live album recording


Friday July 12th @ The Blue Arrow, Glasgow


Sat July 13th @ Hospitalfield, Arbroath

Tues July 16th @ The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh Jazz Festival


 Latest release:

 Released June 10th, 2017 at The Wellington Jazz Festival

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Ben Wilcock and The Jelly Rolls (The Phantom Canoe)

"Even without knowing the background to the album's conception it's a great listen, one that harks back to the time when jazz was for dancing, with great driving rhythms and phrase constructions that make you want to move"
 - Aleisha Ward, NZ Musician
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Ben Wilcock and The Jelly Rolls (The Phantom Canoe)

Watch - The Making of 'The Phantom Canoe'

Watch - 'Hinemoa's Swim' - Live at CjC, Auckland

"This is good times music and you can feel it deep in your bones" 

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Previous Jelly Rolls releases:

Live in Cromwell (2016) 

The Man I love
Ben Wilcock and The Jelly Rolls (Live in Cromwell, the music of George Gershwin)

Watch - The Jelly Rolls - Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin)

Live in Cromwell 

Sneaky Weasel (2014)

"There is an inescapable sense of fun about this trio.  They swing like crazy and they radiate mischief."

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"The entire programme brimmed with entertainment of the highest order – thrills, spills, moments of rapt contemplation, wit and humour, huge waves of excitement, and surprises galore".

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Sneaky Weasel
Ben Wilcock and The Jelly Rolls (Sneaky Weasel)